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Local Favorite: Batter For It

Cami, the proud proprietor, baker, and cookie artist behind new local cookie sensation Batter For It, is known for her exceptional creations. Her passion for intricate designs and delectable treats began back in the early 90s when she received a cake decorating book as a gift. Cami's creative spirit was ignited, and she became captivated by the possibilities of cake decoration.

"When I first started, I quickly realized that cake decorating wasn't as easy as it looked," she reminisces. "But I was determined to master it."

As her skills grew, so did her confidence. Starting with cakes for friends and family, Cami eventually convinced the catering company she worked for to allow her to create a wedding cake for a client. It was a pivotal moment that fueled her desire to pursue hyper-realistic cake designs.

"My dad was my biggest supporter," she shares fondly. "He'd order cakes he didn't need just so I could practice. He wouldn't let anyone cut into them until he'd proudly shown them off to his friends. It still makes me smile when I think back on it."

Cami's journey took a new turn about five years ago when she attended the South Florida Cake and Candy Expo. There, she discovered the art of cookie decoration and found it to be an exciting new outlet for her creativity. "It was like a whole new world opened up to me," she recalls. "I realized that many of the techniques I'd honed in cake decorating could be applied to cookies." This newfound passion led Cami to establish Batter For It, a venture dedicated to crafting meticulously decorated cookies that are both visually stunning and delicious.

Despite her success, Cami remains humble, emphasizing her self-taught journey and her commitment to continuous learning. "Completely self-taught, I continually seek to expand my skills through workshops and classes, eager to learn new decorating techniques." When asked about her favorite aspect of running her business, Cami's answer is heartfelt. "Being able to share my creations with others and to be a very small part of people's special events with my cookies is a real honor," she says. "It's a privilege for which I am extremely grateful."

I specialize in creating irresistible cookie works of art for your special occasion that not only satisfy your sweet tooth but are also made with love and attention to detail.  From researching designs, using only the best ingredients, and carefully decorating, each baked good is a true labor of love. - Cami, Batter For It

If you'd like to place an order or get a quote, you can visit their website at or find them on Facebook: Batter For It.


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