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About Us

Looking for a fresh, stylish and informative read that celebrates the seaside lifestyle? OC Shore Magazine, designed for locals who love the beach, bay, and everything in between.


We cover the hidden gems in Worcester County community, along with exciting features on things to know, places to go, and sights to see. From surfing and fishing to dining and nightlife, we've got you covered with insider tips, reviews and recommendations.


We also celebrate the natural beauty and wildlife of Maryland’s coast, with features on conservation, environmental issues and sustainability. Our coverage of local arts, culture, history and heritage gives you a glimpse into the rich and diverse coastal lifestyle.


With a focus on our incredible local music scene and family friendly activities, our magazine is the perfect guide for those who are local (or local at heart). From boating and sailing to sports and recreation, we provide readers with an exciting and informative mix of current content.


You'll find intentional features and articles covering:

  • Event Coverage + Recap

  • Coastal Wildlife and Conservation

  • Beaches and Parks

  • Surfing and Water Sports

  • Fishing and Seafood

  • Local Arts and Culture

  • Coastal Real Estate and Property

  • Dining and Nightlife

  • Health and Wellness

  • History and Heritage

  • Travel and Tourism

  • Environmental Issues and Sustainability

  • Boating and Sailing

  • Education and Learning

  • Business and Industry

  • Music + Entertainment

  • Sports and Recreation

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