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Local Anglers Reel in Massive 60-Inch Bluefin Tuna aboard an 18ft Nitro Bay!

In a heart-stopping fishing feat, two local enthusiasts, Tyler Clazey and Taylor Bakke, have etched their names in Ocean City's fishing history. Against all odds, they managed to hook and land a 130-140lb Bluefin Tuna just seven miles off the Ocean City, MD beach.

Ocean City's waters are renowned for their abundance of marine life, and stories of epic battles with massive tuna are not uncommon. However, what makes Clazey and Bakke's adventure truly special is their daring choice to take on one of the ocean's most prized species in a craft not traditionally associated with big-game fishing.

Angler Tyler Clazey reflected on the intense encounter and shared (via Facebook post), "This fish gave me the fight of my life. I have a huge amount of respect for the guys out there casting to these fish; it’s a completely different ball game. I’m glad the stars aligned, and we got it done!" while Taylor Bakke, who runs the popular local fishing page Always Bent Fishing, wielded the camera and helped gaff the fish. Bakke shared (via YouTube), " ate an artificial lure right next to the boat on a spinning rod! No trolling! No bait! Such an awesome experience. Can’t believe we finally made it happen!"

Local Anglers Reel in Massive 60-Inch Bluefin Tuna aboard an 18ft Nitro Bay
Tyler Clazey: 60 inch Bluefin Tuna

News of their monumental catch has electrified the local fishing community, proving that, sometimes, all it takes is passion, determination, and a bit of luck to turn a seemingly impossible dream into a reality. As the tale of their extraordinary catch continues to circulate, it is sure to inspire anglers of all levels to chase their own fishing dreams, regardless of the size of their boat or the odds stacked against them.


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