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Rainbow Swamp: Local Wonder

Local resident Dana Montoya recently captured a rare phenomenon in the swamps at Shad Landing. She excitedly shared with us that the conditions have to be "just right" to see this amazing event.

What causes "Rainbow Swamps"?

Swamps are vital in the nutrient cycle, continuously growing and recycling energy and matter. Decomposing vegetation and anaerobic bacteria produce natural oils, which form a thin film on water's surface, creating pastel hues. Source:

Meet The Photographer

"I spent my youth in Onancock, VA, and then spent my teenage years in Northern Virginia. In my 20’s made my way back to the Eastern Shore. We are so blessed to be surrounded by so much beauty. I love exploring the Eastern Shore and all the beauty that surrounds us. My black lab Maisie is my adventure partner, and we are always out and about exploring and looking for beautiful sights to take pictures of. Nature has always been my go-to when life gets crazy or when I need to recharge my batteries. Through my pictures, I hope to inspire people to disconnect from technology, reconnect with nature, and learn to appreciate the small things around us." - Dana Montoya


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